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Peoria Remote

Working from home may be a permanent change brought on by the pandemic. Many remote workers have chosen to live in Peoria. Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. Cost of living – Peoria is one of the most affordable mid-sized cities in the country. The average home price is $125,700 and the average rent is $806. You’ll have more money to spend on things that bring you joy.
  2. The Commute – The average commute time is less than 17 minutes. We don’t have traffic jams. We have a bike trail and bike paths if you prefer to bike to work. Spend less time in the car and more time with the ones you love.
  3. Easy access to Recreation – The Peoria Park District is the oldest and largest park district in Illinois, it encompasses nearly 60 square miles.  The value provided to the community can be found in the ease of access to our parks and recreational programs. Evidence has shown that when people have access to parks, recreational programs and to nature, their overall physical and psychological health improves.  The District’s own local community assessment survey found that 88% of residents believe the Peoria Park District is an important community partner for community health.
  4. Natural Beauty –  Peoria’s river valley and bluffs are replete with giant oak and vibrant redbud trees.  The rolling landscape changes allow for expansive vistas.  Most famously, Grandview Drive is a destination for photo ops and tourists around the country.  Sightseers also flock to the river which is home to the bald eagle.   
  5. Travel – If you like to travel, it makes sense to make Peoria your home base.  Our new airport is a breeze to get in and out of.  It has free parking and flies nonstop to all major domestic airport hubs and many popular warm weather tourist destinations.  If trains are your thing, a short 30 minute drive to Galesburg or Normal puts you on two major national train routes.
  6. Health Care – Peoria is a leader in health care. It is home to 3 major hospitals and many specialties including St Jude Children’s Hospital, cancer care centers, eyecare specialists, surgeons, and rehab facilities.