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Tenant Selection

When you submit a rental application, we look at the whole picture. This includes income, credit, criminal record, evictions, and past rental history. What are some reasons you may not be selected as a tenant?

1. We have a more qualified applicant

The most common reason a person is not approved is because we have a more qualified applicant. Many of our houses are very popular and we receive multiple applications. In this event, we choose THE MOST qualified applicant, but since there is only one house, it is possible to have multiple qualified applications denied because they were not THE MOST qualified.

2. Inadequate or unverified income

We want you to be making at least three times your monthly rent to ensure you can afford it. We need to verify one month’s worth of pay stubs show that your net income is at least 3x rent.

3. Poor credit

We run credit checks. The higher your credit score, the better. We pay most attention to recent unpaid bills, evictions, and high debts.

4. Landlord references

If your past landlord cannot give you a good reference, you may be denied. A past landlord may not give you a good reference if you were constantly late with payments, caused disturbances at the property, did not maintain the property well, left with an outstanding balance, etc.

5. Evictions

Having prior evictions on your record can make it more difficult for you to rent an apartment. If you failed to pay rent and were evicted, this is an indication that you are not a reliable renter.

6. Unstable housing history

The more stable your housing history, the better. If you have vacated a property prior to your lease being up, this is a red flag. This doesn’t mean you’ll be automatically rejected. If there was a legitimate reason for the gap, be sure to explain that upfront.

7. Criminal History

We run criminal background checks. Any criminal charges in which you were convicted may disqualify your application.

8. Pets

Some of our houses do not accept pets. If you have pets and are applying for a non-pet friendly home, you may be rejected on this basis.